Get insight from case studies from procurement professionals from around the globe on how they acheived success by applying procurement best practices. 

Case Studies

  • Learn how Wabtec Corporation transformed itself from a large, decentralized procurement structure to a more collaborative culture of teamwork to improve its business results and provide exceptional support to corporate operations through procurement training and skill development.

  • Learn how Catherine Shaw, CPOM® was able to deliver measurable results in her role as purchasing manager and gain a newfound confidence and well-deserved respect from her colleagues, while ultimately saving her company more money following her achievement after achieving the CPOM® Certification.

  • Charbel Frangieh, SPSM, SPSM2, a Lebanese national, has worked in a procurement role at Multiforms LLC for over six years in the Mutiforms Glass division with responsibilities including the monitoring of subcontracting related to Multiforms Aluminum projects, as well as procurement negotiations and coordinating with subcontractors and project managers. Learn how Charbel was able to attain his career goals and receive a 35% salary increase following his achievement of the SPSM® and SPSM2® Certifications.