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Improve Procurement Department Results through Process-Oriented Design
This is an Article Review of Stains on the Bright Side of Process-Oriented Organizational Designs.
Unlocking the Power of Value Stream Analysis
Learn how Value Stream Analysis can unlock opportunities for quality improvement, cost reduction, cost avoidance, and more.
Procurement Best Practice Execution
Discover the key business improvement models for operational and strategic transformation.
Using a Should Cost Model in Negotiation
Discover how using a Should Cost Model can determine whether a price is fair when buying a custom item.
Intelligent Procurement: How Can AI Expand Value?
Learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can expand value in supply chain operations.
Procurement Strategy Do's and Don'ts
Discover the do's and don'ts of developing a procurement strategy.​
Incorporating Value-Driven Procurement Into Negotiations
Learn how to incorporate value-driven procurement into negotiations.​
Is Contract Management a Critical Process?
Not having a good contract management process in place can have consequences for both the buyer and the purchaser.
A Reflection on Total Cost of Ownership
Discover one procurement professional's reflection on the Total Cost of Ownership and how you can apply these skills.